Calling all Veteraccoons!

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Calling all Veteraccoons! Empty Calling all Veteraccoons!

Post by TheR999 on Tue Jun 25, 2013 7:35 pm

Hello fellow Veteraccoons!

If you have been placed in this dorm then that means you scored from 61 - 100 points on your test. 
Our dorm is named after the card: Number 64: Sandayu the Veteraccoons. 
Calling all Veteraccoons! 300px-Number64SandayutheVeteraccoon-JP-Anime-ZX

Our mascot is a Tanuki (a Japanese raccoon-dog), more specifically Ponta, the spirit that Number 64 depicts. 
Calling all Veteraccoons! 300px-Tanuki

We are lucky to have you on your journey to become the best duelist you possibly can!

I am your faithful teacher TheR999! I've been dueling since the show came out and my main deck is an Elemental Hero deck that I named:
"The E-Team", and my secondary deck is an Earth type deck that I named: "Powerful Pangea". 

If you ever need help with anything you can send me a message on here and and on DN where I use the same username.


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