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Post by vilitinbanner on Wed Jul 03, 2013 11:51 pm

in the beginning i knew not of the beginning, before i know my ansester was a alchemist obsessed with the theory of longevity. after i found this out...nearly 2 days after...a old strange man offered me something if i could steal something from a library little did i know that this would castrate me from my home und life. so 4 days after this encounter i went to this library, i found the item of interest it was a book...with nothing on pictures nor words. i was confused to say the least. so when i got home it was empty (as in every one was out und about) big brother was probley out some where with his girlfriend. anyway...i decided to lay down und clear my head. after all i just offered to steal something that of which i know not. to obtain something possibly valuable according to the old man. so i drifted to sleep. i woke up in a abandoned hut with a woman und that old man from before, the woman smirked sat down next to me und brushed my hair out of my face. she softly whispered "thank you shalt gain youre reward once you swear to us youre loyalty to. " i was surprised und look at her "w-what are you talking about. i dont even know who you are. " she replied "i know but what if i told you, i could offer you immortal life. a chance to be like youre bigger brother, a king of games' i was dumbfounded why...why me i dident want this. she gave me a crossed look "so youre answers no?...fine...come sven lets leave him to be..." she placed what looked like a deck of cards und a booklet on the dresser beside me und left. that deck is the deck i still use today...however my theft dident go unnoticed und the city where i live was all after my head, since then i havent gone back und every night when i sleep i dream of her ...ok not every night but still.

thus is why im here at this academy this is only part of my story...maybe one day i'll share the res but for now......,............

there still some things i need to work out when i do ill make updates

guys tell me what you think kk?


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