EvilEmberSpark Test Results

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EvilEmberSpark Test Results

Post by penguinguy12 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:51 pm

Tester's Deck:Photon Galaxy
Testee's deck: Celestial Dragon

Tester's personnel Criteria: 7/15
Deck Size:0/10
Misplays/Good Plays: 15/20 (Low points indicate more misplays, high points indicate more good plays.)

15/20 Skill with being aggressive/being passive:15/20(Tier 1 decks will receive a 0 in this category. Tier 1 decks require no skill to play, it's all autopilot; all plays are set in stone depending on the cards on the field.)

20/25 Deck Creativity (Tier 1 decks will receive a 0 in this category. If you have a tier 2,tier 3 or a non-tiered deck with tier 1 support, you will not get penalized here. ex. Evilswarm Madragora in a Plant Deck.)

29/30 Deck familiarity. (This shows us how experienced you are with your deck.)

15/30 Deck consistency


Based on your scores you have been inducted into the Judge Doom the Adjudicutting Overlord dorm or dorm 3. Your teachers are me and Taotrio685. Remember every day you are closer to ranking up but have fun in dorm 3!!!!


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Re: EvilEmberSpark Test Results

Post by taotrio685 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 8:55 pm

Good job on getting Rank: 3! Click This to go to your dorm! Have fun being an Overlord!


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