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Giveaways! Empty Giveaways!

Post by taotrio685 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:38 pm

This is about Giveaways. As you all know, Giveaways are why you give stuff away. Now, as we can't send stuff to you people, the Admins and I were discussing what we should give away. We will be having a Giveaway every month. Even though they might be lame, here are the things that you receive if you win:
The Prizes

•A free deck from the shop
•3000 NP
•The chance to Rank-Up to the next dorm

How To Enter

•Recruit - Every once in awhile, in order to enter a Giveaway you must recruit at least 1. The more you recruit, the higher chances you have of winning.


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