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Jamesonm6's Test Results Empty Jamesonm6's Test Results

Post by TheR999 on Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:44 pm

Tester's deck: The E - Team

Testee's deck: Elemental Heros

15/15 Tester's Personal Criteria. (These are 10 extra points that can go to the tester's personal criteria on a duel. These points make the cap 160.)

0/10 Side-Decking

10/10 Deck Size

15/20 Misplays/Good Plays (Low points indicate more misplays, high points indicate more good plays.)

15/20 Skill with being aggressive/being passive. (Tier 1 decks will receive a 0 in this category. Tier 1 decks require no skill to play, it's all autopilot; all plays are set in stone depending on the cards on the field.)

15/25 Deck Creativity (Tier 1 decks will receive a 0 in this category. If you have a tier 2,tier 3 or a non-tiered deck with tier 1 support, you will not get penalized here. ex. Evilswarm Madragora in a Plant Deck.)

20/30 Deck familiarity. (This shows us how experienced you are with your deck.)

10/30 Deck consistency


Congratulations! You made it to Rank 2!

Rank: 1 - 0 - 60
Rank: 2 - 61-100
Rank: 3 - 101-125
Rank: 4 - 126-150

Jamesonm6 it's great to see you made it into my dorm!

If you follow this link it'll take you to a post I made in our Dorm.
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